How the Superfeet Berry differs from other Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet insoles are among the best in the business for adding much-needed stability, comfort, and support to your shoes – but which color should you choose?

Superfeet insole colors are more than a fashion statement, they are broken out into a series of product lines each with their own advantages and benefits. Choose wisely and you will add the exact type of support you need to your shoes. 

In this article we will go in depth into the Superfeet Berry insole, highlighting its benefits and comparing it to the other Superfeet insoles to help you make the right decision for your feet.

About the Superfeet Berry 

The Superfeet Berry insoles provide that same classic Superfeet support in an insole designed specifically for women. The Superfeet Berry is a sort of hybrid between the Superfeet Blue and Superfeet Orange. It has a narrowed heel cup designed to fit a woman’s heel while sporting a medium arch and extra padding in the forefoot.

The Superfeet Berry is medium profile and medium volume, meaning it’s a great fit for those with medium arches and affords more space in your shoes than higher volume insoles like the Superfeet Green.

Don’t let their thinness fool you though, these insoles still pack a punch when it comes to providing stabilizing support for your feet throughout the day.

Advantages of Superfeet Berry

There are many benefits to wearing the Superfeet Berry insole:

  • Designed specifically for women’s feet
  • Extra padding in the forefoot for cushioning and support
  • Provides the same classic Superfeet support while taking up less space in your shoes
  • They provide superior shock absorption minimizing the impact on your feet
  • Their sturdy arch support keeps your feet and ankles stable
  • Best for those with medium arches

Thanks to these great benefits, the Superfeet  Berry insoles are an excellent choice for a wide variety of footwear from everyday shoes to running shoes.

Who the Superfeet Berry are for

Obviously the Superfeet Berry insoles are a great choice for women, they’re also thinner than other Superfeet insoles making them a great way to add support to a wider variety of footwear.

Superfeet Berry insoles are best for those with medium arches, as opposed to high arches (check out Superfeet Green for a higher profile arch support). 

How the Superfeet Berry compares to other Superfeet insoles

So how does the Superfeet Berry compare to the other Superfeet insoles? Obviously the Superfeet Berry will differ in that it is the only Superfeet insole specifically designed for women, but there are other differences to consider as well. Browse below to see how they stack up so you can choose the right insole for you!

Superfeet Berry vs Green

The main difference between the Superfeet Berry and Superfeet Green is the fact that the Superfeet Berry is much thinner occupying less space in your shoes, and it’s best for those with medium arches as opposed to higher arches. This allows the Superfeet Berry to fit in a wider variety of footwear than Superfeet’s high volume insoles.

Superfeet Berry vs Orange

The Superfeet Orange is considered a ‘high profile’ insole, they are better for those with higher arches and take up a fair amount of space in the shoe. The Superfeet Berry on the other hand is slimmer and takes up less room in the shoe (making them medium volume and profile). Both the Superfeet Orange and Superfeet Berry provide extra cushioning making them a great fit for high-impact activities.

Superfeet Berry vs Superfeet Carbon

Similar to the Superfeet Berry, the Superfeet Carbon is a low profile insole that can fit a wider variety of shoes while still adding that classic Superfeet support. The Superfeet Carbon is also lighter weight and more breathable than the Superfeet Berry making it a better fit for athletic shoes. The Superfeet Carbon is also one of the few types of insoles that will fit in cleats. 

Superfeet Berry vs Superfeet Blue

Like the Superfeet Orange, the Superfeet Blue and Superfeet Berry share many similarities. The main difference between these is that the Superfeet Berry features extra cushioning in the forefoot and a narrower heel cup whereas the Superfeet Blue does not. The obvious difference as well is that the Superfeet Berry is designed for women whereas the Superfeet Blue is gender-neutral.

Superfeet Berry vs Superfeet Black

The Superfeet Berry and Black are similar in that they are both considered lower-profile insoles. However the Superfeet Black is thinner making it a great fit for dress shoes and tight-fitting shoes whereas the Superfeet Berry takes up slightly more space though it still fits a variety of footwear.