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Which Superfeet Insoles are Right for You?

Today we are going to address a common question: “Which Superfeet insoles are right for me?”  Superfeet has many options to choose from – Green, Orange, Berry, Blue, Copper, Black, and more.  But how do you know which Superfeet color to pick?  Keep reading for some basic guidelines on how to choose the right Superfeet insole for you.

First of all, Superfeet makes distinguishing the differences between most of their inserts very easy – the fit information is right on the insole box.  On each box you will see a “FIT profile” symbol with two foot icons beneath it: one icon is the profile and the other is the volume.  PROFILE is listed as high, medium, or low and refers to your arch height.  VOLUME is listed as high, medium, and low and refers to how much room the insoles will take up in your shoe.  (High volume lets you know that you will need a good amount of room in your shoe for the insert, these insoles usually fit best in athletic shoes that have  removable liners. Low volume indicates it is a very thin insert and should work in tight-fitting shoes.)  So, if you already have a pair of Superfeet insoles and are wondering if they are right for you, you can look at the cover of box.  Otherwise keep reading.

For those of you who need help choosing between the Superfeet insole colors, here you go:

Superfeet Green

The original Superfeet green insole is designed to fit most arch types.  This insert offers the highest level of Superfeet support and is recommended for high arches and flexible arches.  (You can tell if you have a flexible arch if you see a defined arch on your foot when you are sitting and then it significantly decreases when you stand up and put weight on it.)  You will need a good amount of room in your shoe for this insert, so it is best if your shoe has a removable liner.  This is also the only Superfeet insert currently made in a wide, so if you wear a shoe size 2E to 6E you may want to give the Superfeet Wide Green a try.

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Superfeet Orange

The Superfeet orange insole offers the highest level of support and is best for high or flexible arches. The orange insert is very similar to the green but the heel cup is a little narrower.  This insole has a layer of high-impact durable foam in the forefoot which offers an increased comfort level, especially for high impact activities.  The foam feature causes a slight cost increase from the green, but most Superfeet fans agree that paying $5 more the extra comfort is worth it. Like the green, the orange is a high-volume insole and will need some room in your shoe so it is best if the shoe has a liner that you can remove. 

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Superfeet Berry

The Superfeet Berry insole is women-specific and designed for a medium, regular arch. The berry offers a narrower heel cup than some of the other Superfeet inserts.  This insole is a little lower than the green and advertises a medium profile, basically meaning anyone with a normal arch height will probably like it.  Like the orange, this orthotic also has high-impact durable foam placed beneath the forefoot, making it one of the best inserts for sports activities.  Keep in mind that this is also a high volume insert and will probably only fit in shoes that have a removable liner.

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Superfeet Blue

When the green is too high, go to the blue.  The Superfeet Blue insole is often a favorite of those who have a medium, regular arch. The fit profile boasts medium profile/medium volume, which means it also takes up less room in the shoe than the green or orange.  Some consumers who like the green insole will use the blue for the shoes that have less space for an orthotic.

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Superfeet Carbon

The Carbon Superfeet insoles are the best insoles for athletes with tight fitting shoes. The carbon insert is not as popular as some of the other inserts, but it should be.  It has a unique design and is lighter than the others, combining strong carbon fiber with ultralight foam to make one of the best inserts for athletes.  One awesome feature about this insole is that it will fit in most cleats, which makes it a worthy investment for those who play sports such as soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, football, or any other sports where cleats are necessary.  The FIT profile is for a low arch; however, that is necessary to get the low volume insert that will fit in tight-fitting shoes.  So even if you have a high arch you might want this insert for your cleats or other shoes that don’t have much room for anything in addition to your foot.  And if it still doesn’t fit – trim the end.  Also, on a side note, these insoles are extra light (so they won’t slow you down.)

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Superfeet Copper

The Superfeet copper insole is a low profile insert and is a favorite for low arches.  It has a layer of memory cloud foam which provides extra comfort for every day, all-day wear.  They are also designed with a stabilizer cap on the heel which gives extra durability and structure for the memory foam layer.  It is one of the bulkier insoles and will require some room in the shoe.  But if you have a low arch and are looking for some relief from heel or arch pain, this is one of the best inserts you will find.

Superfeet Black

The Black Superfeet insole is a full length insert that is ideal for tight-fitting footwear.  The black is a thin insert that is great for cleats and other shoes that don’t have a removable liner.  They are designed for a low-profile arch, but even if you have a higher arch, they will add some support for those tight-fitting shoes.  The black insoles also have a stabilizer beneath the heel cup which adds extra stability and support for those who tend to overpronate.

Superfeet merinoGrey

The Superfeet merinoGrey inserts = happy, warm feet in the winter.  They are basically the same as the Superfeet Green but have a merino wool topcover instead of the green fabric topcover.  So, if your feet get cold or you need a pair of insoles for your boots, these are a winter friendly favorite.  They are best for high or medium arches or a flexible flatfoot and yes, you will need extra room in your boots for them to fit right.

Superfeet Everyday Comfort

The Superfeet Everyday is an excellent option if you need a little more cushion. This is a deluxe insert offering a layer of high comfort foam over the entire footbed & stability plate.  The insole is ideal for medium to high arches or a flexible foot.  It will take up some room in your shoe because of that extra layer of memory cloud cushion.

Other Options

That about sums up the most popular Superfeet insoles, but if you still have the dilemma of the insole not fitting in your shoe there is another option.  If a full-length insole simply will not work, try the Superfeet Easyfit.  It is a three-quarter insert that will help to upgrade almost any shoe, boot, or high heel that lacks arch support.  It comes in 3 different versions – Easyfit Men’s, Easyfit Women’s (1” heel or less), and Easyfit High Heel (1” heel or more).

Sometimes people wonder if they need custom insoles or if an over the counter insole such as Superfeet will be adequate for them. If you have that question, check our our blog post on “Do You Need Custom Insoles?” Your question may be answered.

Hopefully this helps you make an informed decision about which Superfeet insole are right for you.  If you still have questions, check out the insole descriptions underneath each of the Superfeet products on These sections give more details about the design and fit of the Superfeet insoles.  Or if you are looking for some personalized good insole advice go ahead and email [email protected] with your questions, we always love to help our customers find the perfect insole!