The Difference Between New Balance 3020 and 3030

What is the Difference Between New Balance 3020 and 3030?

The Difference Between New Balance 3030 an 3020

The New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles have been a long time favorite for those who are looking for a little extra cushioned support in their shoes.  They are also an added necessity in the shoes of many diabetics because they provide an anti-shear topcover to help prevent friction on the bottom of the foot.  There are two different versions of the New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles and the team at is often asked the question “what is the difference between the New Balance 3030 and the New Balance 3020?”

The difference between the New Balance 3020 and the 3030 is the metatarsal pad that is added to the 3030 version.  The metatarsal support is an added feature that helps to distribute ball of foot pressure.  The metatarsal support is placed just behind the toe bones and this can help to provide relief for conditions such as Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia.  People who have the condition of neuropathy may also notice a slight improvement in the numbness and tingling because a metatarsal pad will promote better blood flow to the toes. 

The New Balance 3030 also feels generally more supportive than the 3030.  If you are simply looking for a little extra cushion and don’t necessarily need arch support, the 3020 will probably be your preferred option.  But if you want that little extra support, the 3030 is going to be the best choice.

Benefits of the New Balance 3030 and 3020

Both the New Balance 3030 and 3020 have multiple benefits.  The cushioning in the insoles will add maximum shock absorption in your shoe.  The insoles also have an Abzorb foot strike pad beneath the ball of the foot and the heel that contains specialized cushioning technology.  Both insoles also feature an extra deep heel cup, which helps to cushion the heel naturally cupping the natural fat pad beneath the heel.  This cushioning also adds protection beneath the foot.

The New Balance insoles fit best in shoes with a removable footbed or liner and fit well in athletic shoes, casual shoes, dress shoe, and hiking shoes.  You will want to make sure there is plenty of room in the shoe for both the insole and your foot, especially if you are a diabetic.  Those with diabetes need to take special care to ensure proper shoe fit.

Hopefully this information will help you understand the difference between New Balance 3020 and 3030. Which one is right for you: with a metatarsal pad or without?

Why You Can No Longer Find Some New Balance Insoles

On a side note, some consumers are noticing that certain sizes of these insoles have become difficult to find.  This is because these insoles have been discontinued by New Balance.  There may be some available sizes left on, but if you can no longer find the size you need there are other good options.  The Ten Seconds Pressure Relief Insole have the same features as the 3020 and the Ten Seconds Pressure Relief with Metatarsal Support have the same features as the 3030.